We Could Use More of This

There's a weekly Tuesday evening Ultimate Frisbee game at a field near my house (sadly, I haven't gotten out to play in ages). Now that it's getting dark early, they need the lights on in order to play. The city is usually pretty stingy with the lights, but this just came through on the mailing list:

So here's the deal with the lights for the lower field...The lady (I forget her name) wants us to help out with getting supplies for their cooking class: taco stuff, corn dogs and fries (maybe potatoes), chicken and rice, stuff like that to teach cooking with. The reason is, the state is cutting back on funding and she asks us for donations of food to help out with the class. In turn she said we could have the field and lights as long as we turn off the lights when we're done and if the soccer teams try to take over she will deal with them for us. Not a bad deal, plus we're able to help the families and do a barter.

So: Bring food and play Tuesday night!

I love it.