Thank you, Steve

My first home computer was an Apple IIe, in 1984. I had already started learning to program (on a TRS-80 Model III), but that IIe was where I really got excited about computers and programming. I wrote utilities and games in BASIC, then 6502 assembly language (I would write the assembler instructions down on paper, then translate those by hand to the byte code), hacked games (Bard’s Tale character editor, anyone?), and even taught programming classes to other kids.

The Steves, Jobs and Wozniak, were always heroes of mine, although it wasn’t until I was older that I truly appreciated Jobs’ brilliance. I always thought that Woz, the engineer, was the one who made the magic happen, but if it weren’t for Jobs, Apple could well have faded with Beagle Bros into obscurity.

Like a majority of people I know, I use Apple products daily, for work, entertainment, and communication. I can’t think of another company that puts as much thought into the quality of their products, both in terms of construction and user experience, and there’s no doubt that Steve Jobs is the one to thank for that.

I still have that IIe, in a suitcase in my garage. I think I’ll boot it up tonight in tribute. Thanks for everything, Steve. Rest in peace.


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