Google Dictionary Bookmarklet

Google recently launched a decent dictionary, so for you logophiles, here’s a bookmarklet that will bring up the definition of whatever text you have selected on the page: gDefine. Just drag it to your bookmarks toolbar, then double-click a word somewhere and click the button to get a definition.

It is set to use the English dictionary, but if you want to use it in a different language (or even translate between languages), just change the langpair parameter from en|en to, say, fr|fr for French, de|de for German, etc. (try a search on the Google Dictionary site in the language you want and look to see what the langpair parameter is in the url). Also, the hl parameter controls the language of the results page, so if you want your results to be in that language as well (as opposed to English), change that accordingly.

Here are a few to get you started:

gDefine (French) gDefine (Spanish) gDefine (German)

And translations:

gTranslate (French>English) gTranslate (English>French)