Link Roundup

Some random interesting stories/links I’ve run across in the last week or so:

Photos from this year's Burning Man in the form of a graphic novel. Very nicely done.

With an audio recording of you typing away at your computer for 10 minutes, it's possible to figure out everything you typed. (via Crypto-Gram)

Tongue-eating bug found in fish. So gross, but so cool. (via Boing-Boing)

Word Pads, a very addictive word game. My high score so far is only around 5000 18575.

I didn't really discover this in the last week, but it's too cool not to get a mention: the Gmaps Pedometer (the link centers on a more interesting location than the default of Hoboken, NJ). It's a testament to the brilliance of the Google folks that people have been able to come up with great hacks like this.

Finally, I'm going to try to play in the upcoming Ultimate Frisbee regionals, despite not having played since last winter, mostly due to my crappy back. I think I can hold it together for a weekend. Or at least a day. But this has inspired me: a 67-year old man comes out of retirement to play for his soccer team in their time of need. (via Fark)